Today is catch what you can day, because it is the busiest day of our week.  The madness started early and breakfast was so chaotic I didnt’ get a chance to take pictures.

For breakfast, we had cinnamon raisin bagels,  grapes and rice milk. While the kids were eating breakfast I had to pack Zachary a lunch. On Thursdays he has an afterschool program, so he eats lunch at school before his program starts.  In his lunch box I put a sunflower seed butter sandwich  a gala apple, grape tomatoes, and a juice box.  I also had to take care of some correspondence with the school, so my breakfast was delayed.

DSC_1223 (3000x1995)

I had my usual coffee, coconut milk creamer and sugar with barely enough time to enjoy it before getting Ian and Alastair into the car and off to their gym class.  The twins didn’t finish their breakfast so they finished their bagels in the car.

After gym, they are always hungry and tired.  They had cheerios and raisins for a snack. Everyone was unusually grumpy today so between playing referee I attempted to prep lunch.


DSC_1227 (3000x2520)

We had essentially the same lunch as Zachary, Sunflower butter sandwiches and gala apples.  But we all ate at different times.   Alastair ate while I prepared the kitchen for baking.  Ian was asleep and he ate some of his lunch when he woke up.


Dinner tonight is comprised of leftovers from the past couple of nights.  We had black bean patties (from Day 2),  barley salad (from Day 1), and a side of mix veggies.


Boy do I wish we could have dropped into a fast food restaurant today for a quick meal.  With only french fries and limited salads as options, I passed.  If and only if there were more vegan options.

DSC_1232 (3000x2067)

I think I’m starting to feel the effects of not eating animal products.  My body feels somewhat tired today, not tired as in wanting to go to sleep.  But tired as in, my muscles just got finished a rigorous workout and they are feeling kind of weak like jello.  I haven’t had any meat cravings yet.  However, I have been craving nuts, but I’m allergic.  I ate a handful of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, but that just didn’t do it.

I’m off to start working on this week’s order. It is fitting, because this week’s only order is a vegan cake!  It’s a light week, because I need to prepare for a class that’s all day Saturday.