Day 4:

The last two days were hectic. Between baking, delivering, mommy duties, and preparing for class I didn’t get any time to write or seriously cook.

DSC_1237 (3000x1995)

On Friday, I let the kids choose what they get for breakfast, and like most Fridays they chose cereal. I also gave them a side of blackberries and strawberries.  I didn’t even think to get vegan friendly cereal when I went grocery shopping so we went with what was already in the pantry.  I ate a bagel and drank tea instead of coffee in hopes that it would settle my stomach. Thursday I started having bad stomach cramps and it keep me up most of the night Thursday and Friday night.

Let’s move on to lunch.  Although I complained about only having french fries and salads at restaurants to eat, guess what we had for lunch on Friday? You guessed it, french fries and salad!  It was a unanimous at some point before lunch we all mentioned we wanted french fries and salad, so that’s what we had with plenty of ketchup for dipping. Hmmmmm! We were all satisfied.

DSC_1248 (3000x1995)

This kids were really hungry on Friday afternoon. We did several snacks one of them was trying something new, Daiya, a cheese substitute that doesn’t contain soy.  I found it to be awful, but Zachary who is the real cheese lover, ate all of his, mine, and his brothers. The twins didn’t like it, neither did I.

DSC_1266 (3000x1995)

For dinner, we had pasta with marina sauce and zucchini with a side of broccoli.  Ian keep telling me I forgot the meatballs.  Zachary tried to explain to Ian that we were celebrating the Earth so we are not eating meat.  It was a funny conversation to listen to because Ian was trying to convince Zachary that meatballs were better than zucchini. Nonetheless they all cleaned their plates.

DSC_1297 (3000x1995)After dinner we relaxed a bit, then I stayed up until 1:30am preparing for my Lambeth cake decorating class. The class focuses on piping intricate and ornate designs with royal icing. I thought about trying to develop an egg-less royal icing, but quickly decided against it. I wanted to focus on the technique– I can experiment later and there is nothing really like the albumen in egg white that is plant-based.

Day 5:

I don’t have much to report for Day 5, because I was in class all day. For breakfast we had organic waffles again.  For lunch the kids ate leftover pasta from Day 5.  For dinner my husband prepared vegetable pot-stickers, rice, and a side of mixed veggies.  The kids barely ate dinner.

I stayed up most of the night with digestive issues and woke-up early to get to class. I was in such a rush I forgot to pack my lunch. Lunch for the class consisted of croissants, chicken salad, cut-up veggies, cheese, pepperoni sticks, and water.  Although I knew it wasn’t vegan I ate the croissants and  some of the cut-up veggies to get some calories in because I was feeling quite weak.  I should have taken the time to pack my lunch.  But I am going to make up for the lack of food on Sunday.  I have excellent meals planned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now that I think about it, I have too much corn planned for Sunday, but I’m going to stick with it.