Our Process

Our allergy-friendly bakery does not process milk/dairy, peanuts, and tree nut in our kitchen. All of our recipes are also soy-free. However, add-on decorative elements such as sprinkles contain soy. We do process goods containing wheat, gluten, eggs, and soy. We also use coconut products for personal use, but it is not present in any of our bakery products. For our gluten-free products, we do use a separate stand mixer, but all other equipment is shared but washed and sanitized prior to use. We do, however, use strict practices to avoid cross-contact.  Here is our 5-step process:

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  1. We work on one order at a time, starting with the most sensitive order first
  2. We use each utensil once before washing and sanitizing. Utensils never touch more than one ingredient.
  3. We thoroughly wash and sanitize all utensils, equipment, and surfaces.
  4. We change clothes before working on another order.
  5. We label and seal every order to prevent cross-contact.


Although we offer a variety of allergy friendly treats, all of our products are processed in the same kitchen so there is a small risk of cross-contact. If you have any questions about our processes or ingredients please feel free to contact us. Ingredients labels are provided for all items purchased through our online store and those purchases in which the customer indicates will be going to a school. Ingredient labels can also be provided for custom orders upon request.