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Our Ingredients


Quality and Safe Ingredients

We bake everything from scratch  with quality ingredients. We have done all the leg work in finding safe ingredients for you.  All our ingredients are free of dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts.  All of our recipes are also soy-free. However, add-on decorative elements such as sprinkles contain soy. The majority of our ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and fair trade too.  We use:

    • Organic oats and organic unbleached  wheat  flours
    • Organic cane sugar 
    • Organic, fair-trade cocoa butter, chocolates, and cocoa powder
    • Organic fruit for our fillings, frostings, and cakes
    • Organic, fair-trade palm oil
    • Organic rice milk
    • Organic eggs, local if available
    • Organic spices
    • Real Vanilla extract
    • Canola Oil (non-GMO)

We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Using recyclable materials and packaging and using electronic communications with our customers.