Combining home-style with gourmet, traditional with trendy, a love for all things delicious, and tons of experience managing food allergies, sisters TaMeisha Norris and Ashley Jenkins have joined together to bring you Out of the Bubble Bakery. TaMeisha (tree-nut allergic) is experienced managing dairy, soy, and legume allergies for her children. While Ashley (shellfish and soy allergic) is experienced managing peanut, tree nut, egg, and fish allergies for her child. Being from Louisiana, food was always the center of attention. Despite the limitations, we still eat wonderfully well and never leave the table feeling unsatisfied and neither do our friends or family.



[twocol_one]TaMeisha Norris is the founder and baker at Out of the Bubble Bakery. TaMeisha’s hobby for cake decorating took off after learning that her twin sons had severe food allergies. Motivated to make allergy friendly treats that looked as good as they tasted, she took her first cake decorating class at the local arts & crafts store in June of 2011. That was the beginning of what would soon become Out of the Bubble Bakery!

TaMeisha was born in Independence, Louisiana. She’s lived in various cities including New Orleans, LA, Palm Bay, FL, Charlottesville, VA, Rochester, NY and now Springfield, VA. TaMeisha has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from George Mason University. TaMeisha has over 10 years professional experience in the defense industry analyzing and costing defense programs. She worked as an operations research analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense until leaving the workforce in 2010 to be a stay-at-home mom. Although she has no formal training in cake decorating or pastry, she has taken many courses and studied independently. She is also a member of the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES).

TaMeisha loves cooking, baking, gardening, collecting children’s books, and wine. Most importantly she is extremely passionate about making children with food allergies feel super special by gracing them with a unique and extraordinary cake.[/twocol_one]

[twocol_one_last]Ashley has always shared a love for cooking and baking. She maintains a passion for creating comfort food with a healthy twist. This love of crafting comfort food stemmed from growing up watching her mother, grandmothers and aunts prepare massive holiday feasts for as many as 100 relatives who would gather each holiday to celebrate with tons of love, laughter, and delicious home cooked dishes. She continued to craft and perfect these home style meals into her college years where she would use a hot plate and a microwave to create healthy and delicious meals for her dorm mates.

She has always has to be mindful of allergy restrictions due to her severe shellfish allergy. She has also recently become sensitive to soy. Since the birth of her daughter she has also become skilled in dealing with egg, peanut and fish allergies as well.

Ashley has worked for years as a Massage Therapist and has gained a wealth of knowledge in the use of holistic and alternative healing methods. This training immediately sparked an interest in natural and organic foods as well as perfecting the use of essential oils, herbs, and plants in every aspect of daily life.

Ashley was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s lived in various cities including Palm Bay, FL, Charlottesville, VA, Rochester, NY, Raleigh, NC and now Springfield, VA.

Although she has no formal baking or pastry training she has taken classes and studied independently. With her love of decorating and working with her hands, she has proven to be a natural at cake baking and decorating.