All cakes are vegan (dairy-free and egg-free),  and nut-free, unless otherwise indicated.  All of our recipes are also soy-free. However, add-on decorative elements such as sprinkles contain soy. More traditional cakes that contain eggs can be ordered by special request only.

Crowd Pleasers

A more affordable option with two (2) layers of cake and one layer of frosting.  Sheet cakes do not have a filling layer, but filling can be added for an additional fee.

Black Bottom^ – Chocolate Cake filled with Vanilla Frosting

Black Top^ – Vanilla Cake filled with Chocolate Frosting

Lemon Crème—Lemon Cake with Vanilla Frosting

Fudgey^ – Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Very Vanilla^ – Vanilla Cake filled with Vanilla Frosting


Signature Cakes

Chocolate Raspberry^ – Chocolate Cake with Raspberry filling

Cookies and Crème – Chocolate Cake with Crushed Chocolate Cookies in Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Confetti^ – Vanilla Cake Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, Vanilla Frosting

Marble (8″ round or larger only) – Swirled Chocolate and Vanilla cake, Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting

Mint Chocolate^ – Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake, Mint Frosting

Raspberry Vanilla^ – Vanilla Cake Raspberry preserve filling

Strawberry Vanilla^ – Vanilla cake with Strawberry preserve filling

Vanilla Chocolate Chip – Vanilla cake with mini chocolate chips, Chocolate or Vanilla frosting


Premium Cakes

Three layer cakes, crafted with fine ingredients.

Berries and Crème – Vanilla cake, with alternating layers of Strawberry preserves and Vanilla bean creme filling

Carrot Vanilla  – Carrot cake with a hint of pineapple and spice with Vanilla frosting

Carrot  Orange Ginger  – Carrot cake with a bit of pineapple and spice paired with an Orange Ginger frosting

Chai Spice – Vanilla cake topped with a black Chai Tea infused frosting

Chocolate Espresso – Chocolate cake, Mocha and Bittersweet Chocolate filling Ganache

Dark Chocolate Truffle – Chocolate cake, filled and dark chocolate ganache, with chocolate frosting

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – Chocolate cake, filled with raspberry preserves and dark chocolate ganache

Raspberry Lemonade – Lemon cake, filled with Raspberry Preserves

Strawberry Lemonade – Lemon cake, filled with Strawberry Preserves

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – Vanilla cake filled with Raspberry Preserves and White Chocolate Frosting


Bundt Cakes (available mini or standard)

Lemon –  Lemon Cake with a tart lemon drizzle ( 8 minis for $30.00 or $40.00 regular)

Rum – Brown Sugar Rum cake, soaked with a rum syrup, drizzled in a rum glaze ( 8 minis for $40 of $50.00 regular)

Vanilla Chocolate Chip – Vanilla Cake with a hint of cinnamon with mini chocolate chips ( 8 minis for $30.00 or $40.00 regular)


Prices are for cakes that are simply decorated with frosting with simple fondant accents or lettering as pictured above. Additional fees apply for design elements such as, but not limited to, buttercream floral sprays, cakes covered in colored frosting, ombre cakes, fondant covered cakes, tiered-cakes, sugar flowers, shaped cakes, character cakes, stenciling, polka dots, stripes, custom 2D or 3D accents, animals, objects, and figurines. The decorating fee for themed cakes start at $10 – $50.  Pricing for 3D figurines out of fondant start at $35.00 per figure. Pricing for tiered cakes start at $6.00 per serving.  The best way to determine the cost of your custom cake is to contact us for a no obligation quote. Please see our gluten-free menu for pricing on gluten-free cakes.
  Crowd Pleasers  Signature Cakes Premium Cakes
4” round (serves 2-4) $30 (^Select Flavors) $30 (^Select Flavors) Not Available
6” round (serves 8-12) $45 $45 $55
8” round (serves 18-24) $55 $55 $70
10” round (serves 28-40) $70 $70 $85
12” round (serves 40-58) $100 $100 $140
14” round (serves 60-78) $168 $168 $212

¼ sheet (serves 18-24) $55 +$12 filling Not Available
1/3 sheet (serves 24-35) $65 + $18 filling Not Available
½ sheet (serves 38-50) $80 +$20 filling Not Available